Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wayne Rooney: competition is still long

Wayne Rooney assess Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal still have the same opportunities to reach the Premier League trophy.

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney stated that the competition is still a long and fierce rivalry for the champions will still run.

Therefore, despite his club and Manchester City to achieve a perfect result at the start of this season, Rooney refuse to underestimated the clubs like chelsea, liverpool, and even arsenal

"This is an excellent start for both clubs (Manchester United and Manchester City)," said Rooney.

"But Chelsea has always been there and although it seems difficult for Arsenal, but it is a great team with an exceptional coach, and should not be removed (as a teacher candidate)."

"Liverpool is playing well, so I'm sure there will be some clubs who will compete for the title."
"Competition is still long and we look forward to receiving a performance like this," said Rooney.

Alberto Aquilani: I'm Feeling Lucky To Join Milan

Alberto Aquilani knew he was not the first choice as a replacement for Andrea Pirlo.

Alberto Aquilani man calls himself lucky, because not everyone can play with AC Milan. He also mentioned the Rossoneri played a system that fits with his character.

"I'm probably the happiest person in Milan," said Aquilani told Milan Channel, after his first training with the Rossoneri.

"I am the luckiest person. I have a great opportunity here," he continued.

According Aquilani many players who met in Milan, having played in the Italian national team, or while he was still in Rome. Milan champions met by the player mentality.

"Now everything depends on me, if I could become a core part of Milan, and won the hearts of fans," Aquilani so.

Aquilani brought to fill the position left by Andrea Pirlo. He is not the first choice of Milan, but the second. The first options coach Max Allegri is to Riccardo Montolivo.

Aquilani is not concerned with that fact. He just saw the system being played Milan that matches with his character.

"I can play in midfield, but everything is up to coach; later where will be placed," Aquilani end.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Arsene Wenger apologize : We create lost value

Arsenal manager's apology for his team defeat at home to Manchester United.

Arsene Wenger has expressed regret for the failure to bring Arsenal play well when at away games at Old Trafford last night.

host Manchester United massacred the Wenger's squad  with the score a landslide 8-2, with Wayne Rooney as star with the three of his goal.

"I can only apologize for the outcome of the game," he told Arsenal Player.

"That result was very painful. Fans are amazing and I'm sorry with them. They certainly do not want to see his team like that. We can only apologize and come back with strength and passion of our next game."

On the same occasion, Wenger also claimed there are relieved that international matches could make people forget for a moment his team defeat.

"The players can go for two weeks for international duty and may it be a good thing. When they returned, we will come back ready," he said.
"The defeat with a big score is always embarrassing and difficult to be accepted, but I do not feel any particular sense of defeat. They are always under special conditions."

Josep Guardiola Wary of Manchester City

Barcelona coach, Josep Guardiola, to assess the Manchester City have the potential to endanger many teams.

Manchester City's impressive performance so far has a lot of clubs to worry about the potential of them, including Barcelona, ​​Josep Guardiola.
The Spain coach talented revealed that Manchester City has everything you need to get the best in Europe.
"If you look at the players and their coach, Manchester City can win in Europe," Guardiola said on Monday (29 / 8).
"If you see names that exist within the team, they are truly remarkable. All of them are top players."
"They became one of the best teams in Europe. But you still have to wait because everything is still early in the season and anything can happen, but they have everything to be able to compete," he said.
Tottenham Hotspur became the latest casualty of the conquered Manchester City with a score of 5-1 at White Hart Lane last night.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Juventus Open the transfer of the Marcelo Alejandro Estigarribia

Marcelo Alejandro Estigarribia official on loan Juventus this season.

Paraguay accession Juventus player safer, Marcelo Alejandro Estigarribia, on loan for one season.
Estigarribia had undergone medical tests a few days for the public to believe that the opening of the transfer of a matter of time. Insurance came through advertisements in the official website of Juventus on Sunday (28 / 8) night.
"Juventus said it has signed an agreement with Deportivo Maldonado Alejandro Estigarribia Marceloa Balmori recruit with credit by the amount reached € 500,000," the statement said.
"The contract includes a purchase option at the end of the season worth € 5 million, payable in three phases."
The presence of the lefty wing 24-year is expected to fill the needs of Juventus in the left-wing sector.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Juventus interested To Get Tranquillo Barnetta

Tranquillo Barnetta of Bayer Leverkusen, probably will be released at a price of 7,000,000 .

Juventus has not stopped spending, and this time after Tranquillo Barnetta - Swiss international, who to play for Bayer Leverkusen - took to Torino.

Italian media reported coach Antonio Conte Barnetta saw a solution in the left side of midfield for Juventus. 26 years of age, players will surely make more robust the Bianconeri midfield.

Another reason may be Barnetta not too expensive price, as his contract with Leverkusen was one more season. Likely to Arturo Vidal, who conducted from Leverkusen players seek to convince Barnetta Conte.

German press reports Barnetta, former Hanover can get a price of 7,000,000 . If Barnetta refused to renew the contract, Leverkusen is forced to take this summer or lose in the end of next season without having to spend money.

Juventus, however, is the only association that Barnetta. Also tried to put Newcastle in the Premier League.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Arturo Vidal: Juventus footballers the point of maximum

Chile assesses the midfielder who can learn a lot of great players to join Juventus.

Before definitely landed on the Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal was originally rumored to go to FC Bayern Munich from Bayer Leverkusen.

Leverkusen has been repeatedly highlighted the attitude of the players refuse to free Chile's domestic rival, but admitted Vidal remains an important voice in the transmission.

So what makes a 24 year old prefers the La Vecchia Signora?

"For Juventus is an institution, the peak of each player," said Vidal, La Gazzetta dello Sport said.

"I've known players like Alessandro Del Piero, Gianluigi Buffon and Andrea Pirlo. They were all phenomenal number that is very helpful to me."

"This is a great opportunity for me to play with them and develop himself as a player."

"Bayern have good players, but Juventus is Juventus. I also like playing football in Italy because of the excitement of football here is incredible, as in Chile."

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Antonio Conte Juventus wants to restore glory

Juventus coach is determined to be in a position to all the expectations of the fan club Juventus in their response to a winner.

Juventus coach Antonio Conte believed would be able to meet the expectations of many fans of Juventus's heyday.

Before becoming a coach, Conte is a former player of Juventus. But he was determined to revive in this season of the assets of the club.

"We want to return to winning ways," said Conte told Juventus Channel.

"This year we will be the basis for what I need to know, you can regain the glory that it takes time and patience."

Although Conte maintain the 4-4-2 formation than its predecessors, but insisted that players move their wings can be offensive.

"This strategy seems to me the next football since I was in Arezzo," said Conte.

"If we are in a desperate situation and must be able to win every game to survive."

"With the new mentality that finally managed to win eight of 12 games and almost to the goal that we expect to close."

"In Bari and Siena, I do it again and was fortunate to attend the second class." S Why did he feel he deserved to be Juve. "

"I am very proud that the club was considering me. I started this adventure with a great desire and the best for the implementation of this task," said Conte.

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