Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wayne Rooney: competition is still long

Wayne Rooney assess Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal still have the same opportunities to reach the Premier League trophy.

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney stated that the competition is still a long and fierce rivalry for the champions will still run.

Therefore, despite his club and Manchester City to achieve a perfect result at the start of this season, Rooney refuse to underestimated the clubs like chelsea, liverpool, and even arsenal

"This is an excellent start for both clubs (Manchester United and Manchester City)," said Rooney.

"But Chelsea has always been there and although it seems difficult for Arsenal, but it is a great team with an exceptional coach, and should not be removed (as a teacher candidate)."

"Liverpool is playing well, so I'm sure there will be some clubs who will compete for the title."
"Competition is still long and we look forward to receiving a performance like this," said Rooney.

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1 Goal Tube said...

its a little tough job for the team of Man United


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